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About The Pub

A pint of Abbot and a packet of Burt’s chips bartender said Ivan as he assumed his usual position. One huge hand enveloped his pint, another gently fingering a glowing Panatella. He took a long swig and a deep draw. Life was good.

The Ostrich has stood here on the green for over four hundred years and it looks great. Slightly haunted with walls and ceilings askew it still provides the goods. Since new custodians took over in 2009 The Ostrich has undergone a complete transformation. The style is comfy, old England with a dash of the medieval. The decor is lavish and warm, the bar is bright and fully loaded, the larder well stocked. The rooms are luxurious and keenly priced. The ambiance  is just right.



The garden has been beautifully landscaped by John Eley, artist, craftsman, father, friend. Its become a secure happy place for all. Parents can relax in the knowledge their children are not climbing things or getting lost. They are cocooned in an enclosed space with just a sandpit and a beach hut. A bit of the beach brought to Castle Acre. Huge brollies shade you and a waiter will bring you anything you desire. Huge car park at rear. See map!

Oliver Cromwell’s grandmother propped up the bar in the late 15 hundreds whilst teaching her grandson the finer points of regicide dictatorship perhaps.

Eat, drink, relax, enjoy an unrivaled atmosphere created by its present owners. The combination of food, wine, beer and hospitality is not to be found anywhere else in the county. Experience and a desire to create and inspire have culminated in a product that will continue to surprise.

A team of people have been carefully chosen for their skill and enthusiasm to ensure your experience at the Ostrich is a good one.