Its got to be good, better than good.

A basic philosophy to bring something spectacular to the table without being fussy or too clever. Providing the goods consistently and at value for money.

Firstly we built good relations with our suppliers. There’s an old saying; “You can murder your wife but never fall out with your butcher”.

The butcher of course is king. King to all men and women. Unless your vegetarian in which case you probably find him unnecessary and you are most entitled to your opinion. Our vegetarian dishes are sublime. Flavoursome to put it in a word. A word not often connected to vegetarian dishes in so many establishments.

The fishmonger. Fish, so underrated a staple with so many species to chose from its mind boggling.

The baker, the greengrocer, the cheese maker, the brewer, the wine merchant, the florist, all vital to our cause and we thank you!


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